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  storage  -  manufacturing - manege (horses) - swimmingpool - garage - exhibition hall - Yacht Storage - restaurant - meeting hall
  Agriculture storagehall - Tennis hall - Sports hall - Scating room - Church - SolarFields (EV-charging/parking) - G

 We are also producing :
a/ standardised tents from 3 - 10 m width, unlimited lenght,
b/ standardised steel garages,
Links on this website will be finished shortly
  Tents from 3 - 10 meter
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Steel Garages
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Villas and Houses
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Side Elements

3 - 40 meters (free distance)

unlimited (3 - 1000 meters ? or more)
2.6 - 5 meters side height
18 or 22 °
open - pvc - single steelplate - sandwich panels (40 /80mm)
single pvc - double pvc (dropfree) - insulated double pvc+foam
normal door(s),sliding gates(s),rolling door(s)
none (grass) - concrete (2x2x0.14)
lighting -  contacts


                    angelica welcome               
             Hello, my name is Angelica, how can we be at your service  ?
            Welcome at EtapBuilding, GeneralTents and Container Division.
            Tell , or send us any idea or proposal and we  imm. make work of that.

Click here for some dimension and calcultations charts 

 New ,
EV-Panel Solar Field Constructions,
The Future Most Efficient way to load EV-Cars and Optimal Solar use.

The most  efficient and Green investment, from today.
Use the milk, where is the Cow.
Electric Power use , direct transfer to the user.

                                   General Tents    :  Clever   Green Building Solutions


                              Green Temporarily Buildings for use from :  1 day up to 50 Years   , You decide

                fast  -  economic   -   green   -    low agregations    -   modern     -   low insurance  -   burnfree   -  safe -  full problem solution -  movable  -
    Green Solution for any type of building , storage, garages, showrooms, furniture show rooms ,etc,     swimming pool, manege, horse driving, agriculture hangars,  etc;
    Pls find below , some examples from realisations, any size, any colour, any execution (half open closed, pvc, single plate, sandwich panels, etc;
    Our structure can be complete storm resistant, just like your wish ;
  * Building Quality compared to standard buildings  :  similar,
  (in case of eartquakes is our building far better as is little flexible) ; and the basic
  construction (alu or steel ) is calculated like any normal building .
  * Price: in most cases , price of 2 year renting. (our pricing, from 35 to 90 eur/m2
    depending from size and options , but example 15 to 25 meters width is most efficient)
  * Very big advantage: every unit can always be moved to another area or country.
  * Low insurance pricing ,compared to any standard
  * Burn Free  (M2 Class of fire) , so very safe as the pvc is flame proof. (self dimming)
  * Following execution: wind, rain, snow closed , full insulated ;
  * Fully insulated units depending from yr choice, for heating or cooling.
  * Very fast set-up time  (mostly a few days )
  * Far more easy for aggregations, as buildings can be moved all time if ? .
     (in many cases, local government can make decision)
  *  Life time :  unlimited , (comparable to roof maintenance at normal buildings)
  *  Very nice looking , and any colours available (look further our realisations)
  *  Your investment is safe, as you can sell the full construction, separately or on yr
   * Easy renting facility
   * Very few maintenance
   * Safe : we offer wiring, full security systems around, or any type of security following
     your wish . (wiring security system today is low cost and very secure).
      Executions :
  *  full building, wiring around , security, lighting, electric
   * heating,
   * cooling
   * any flooring (look further our movable concrete floor solution
      for trucks up to 35 tons load.











         amsterdam nord stationi  
        amsterdam New Nord Station






      Open Storage hall

       Example of concrete beton floor (2x2x0.14) for 35 tons use.
     Storage Hall

         Horse driving / Manege    or     Hall for Agriculture
      Horses , and more l
         Very high hall for Sailing Yachts with Mast
    All above are only some examples from possible constructions, and last , our
   concrete plates (2x2x0.14 m)
   But pls contact us for any possible project, we send imm full plans and pricing
   So not hesitate to contact us:   
   or: whatsapp , wechat or facebook.    copyright@2020EtapBuilding       all Rights Reserved       Corporate   Belgium - Netherlands - Poland Edition                     tel: +32 9 348 48 48                 fax: +32 9 348 95 16    

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