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EV-Solar Panel Fields are a really green , efficient solution.
(we call it, we put the cow , where we need the milk)

EV-Solar Panel Fields are the most optimal green EV-Solutions, who are thinkable.

SolarPanelField Constructions :
typically, solarfield constructions are approx from 0.5 up to 1 m from the ground, while our
EV-Solar-constructions are from 2.5 up to 6 m side height, (so usefull for many applications)
And the roof is covered only, by the solar panels (today typically, we use the (300W) poly-Panels.
Typical price for the structure is approx 30 - 60 eur/m2 in case of large areas + Gemini-
SolarPanels , invertors and a minimal some E-Storage.

 Our production:

SolarPanelField Constructions, where we put the solar panels , on  alu Tent Profile-Constructions ,

Advantages and application
1/ roof: are the SolarPanels itself (fully water closed)
2/ height is adaptable following customer applications;  (from 2.5 up to 6 meters)
a/ GreenHouse Construction  (side height : from 2.6 - 4 m following application)
b/ Car EV-CHARGING Stations  (Solar Panel Field is partly used for covered
- charging EV-Cars ;  (such solarfields are normally in the surrounding from principal
   highways or large traffic areas)
   (advantage: charging is in dry surrounding, with many options )
c/ Storage Application under the Solar Panels  (normal height : from 3 to 6 meters)
(the solar field can be rented for under storage, so the projects are far more economic)

Large Advantage:
a/ In the normal mostly 0.5 to 1 meter height field-constructions, there is much growing weed
 from all  type of plants and robbish;
So many maintenance,  is necessary in order to keep the territory nice and the solarPanels intact
 working  as the weed comes through the solar panels.

b/ if the height of the solar panels is , say more than  2 meters, there is no problem with weeds,
 plants or dirty environment.

c/ the whole territory , under the solar panels, instead of a problem , becomes usefull for many
 other applications.

d/ further , the maintenance and control of the solar panels is far much easier .

e/ For EV-Car Charging, this is the most optimal use of solar-panel use,  no loss of
electric transfer, and direct use from the generated E-Power .
More efficiently is simply not possible.

  Further as current electric distribution net is not adapted to loading of ev-cars
 as stipulated, it would be a great advantage to load ev-cars, directly at solar
 field stations.
 A quick calculation: next cars will need something like 100 kwh batteries (equivalent to
 approx 700 km driving) ; (future cars, we guess all available against 2022) ?
 If loading should be done in, say 10 minutes, than only for loading 1 ev-car, we need an
 electric installation of 100x6 = 600 Kw.
 If a highway Power- Loading EV- station, where should be loaded, say, 5 cars at the time,
 our installation must  be 3000 Kw ; and we need such stations , say every  20 km
driving (like gas stations now) ;
 For the moment, the only possibility would be , to install EV-Stations at SolarField
 EV-Station or Power Stations, who are powered by our Super CHP - Gensets, on
 Gas (cng or lpg ?) ; where in both cases, rendement is far higher than what is actually
 possible or existing
 Further , the  Solar Field solution is a really Green solution.


  Following many statements for different suppliers, the electric
  kwh price for loading ev-cars will far go up to enclosed mentioned
   Eventual Disadvantage  (???)
a/ the only disadvantage from this could be the intitial cost , who is little higher than
 with 0.5 to 1 m constructions; but;
As the territory is , with our constructions , can be used, in many cases, already after 1  year,
 the difference is gone.
And small time, even (sometimes after 3 years), the whole investment , together with the
 solar panels is paid back .

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                    1 Ha SolarPanelField, = 1.000 000 kWh

= ok for 285 Houses -  Yearly Electric Power

= ok for approx every day  60 EV-Cars Full Loading .
                    the best GREEN - investment you could ever do